Debt Free + Financially Fit

Cost:  FREE (Live Seminar or Online Video + Downloadable Resources)

There is no question we live in a consumer culture where overwhelming debt is the accepted norm.  The bondage of living under debt creates a stress that can threaten even the best of marriages and families.

Combining basic financial methods and biblical principles, this seminar will provide you with 7 steps in becoming debt free and become financially fit.  

Participants will be able to download the free resources for your own use to help them become debt free and financially fit.

Love + Money

Cost:  FREE (10 Videos + Downloadable Resources)

This video series is designed to assist Pastors in Pre-Marital Counselling where couples can view the online videos at their convenience and meet with the Pastor to discuss any questions they have about them.

Becoming one in marriage is hard enough with just learning to live with each other. But when you add money into the equation – it can potentially become explosive. Whether you are using these videos with a coach, a pastor or on your own, this 10-video series will introduce and cover 9 principles to help create a joyful, successful financial future together.

Financial Hope Small Group Workshop : FACILITATOR TRAINING


This 4-Session Online Facilitator Training is designed to equip and train individuals on facilitating a Financial Hope Small Group.  

Small groups discuss the cultural pressures of debt and consumerism while learning biblical principles and practical tools to live within their means, get out of debt, save, determine a healthy lifestyle, set long-term goals and live generously.  By the end of the 5 weeks, participants will create a realistic budget using their own financial data.

Facilitators need not be financial experts.  Training, PowerPoint Presentation with videos, and Worksheets and Files are all provided.  Upon referral of your local pastor, facilitators will be given LOGIN access. 

To register for the Financial Hope Small Group Facilitator Training, please have your pastor contact: Sandy Crozier at

Gain, Save, Give

Cost:  FREE (3 Downloadable Videos + Discussion Guides)

In a very turbulent social time, John Wesley taught how to live (steward) everyday life as a Christian.  His sermon on money showed how biblical principles can be applied to life to create a better way.

Times are not much different today.  And Wesley's message on gain all you can, save all you can and give all you can is still relevant today - especially in our consumer driven, debt loaded society.

These three videos attempt to bring Wesley's message into today's language for today's young adults struggling with overwhelming consumerism.  Each video is accompanied with a Discussion Guide that can be used to facilitate the conversation.

The Steward Leader

Cost:  FREE (Online Video – Downloadable for Local Church Use)

'If you are attempting to lead while in bondage to the need to control, and the need to be the owner instead of a steward, you will fail. Your church will falter and you will do damage to the witness of Jesus"

- R. Scott Rodin, The Steward Leader

This video seminar is designed to help the leaders in the church to first transform themselves into Steward Leaders, where they then can help transform the church and the culture around them by creating joyful, obedient disciples.


Planning for Later Life (Retirement)

Cost:  FREE (Online Video)

What do you think or feel when you hear the word 'Retirement'?  Is it confusion? Frustration? Fear?

In this course we will look at the cultural and Biblical attitudes towards preparing for your later life as well as the financial principles in saving, investing and getting ready for retirement.