Available courses

Personal & Church Stewardship Foundational Course

Cost:  $150 - WAIVED (5 Week Online Course + Downloadable Resources)
Contact Personnel Department to register for the next offering

The purpose of the stewardship foundational course is to educate and inspire regarding biblical stewardship.  We will examine biblical stewardship from a theological, practical and application perspective.

At the conclusion of this course, the student will:

    • have gained a holistic understanding of generosity & stewardship based on Biblical principles from a theological, practical and teaching perspective
    • understand the implications of context and culture as they relate to stewardship
    • possess the practical tools necessary to manage our personal and church finances
    • understand the importance of the stewardship “me” (self)
    • a good understanding of denominational and government directives as a local congregation of The Free Methodist Church in Canada
    • understand the importance of connecting the church budget to the vision of the church and be able to tell the story of your budget in a way that people understand and support
    • how to move from fundraising to discipleship
(For registration contact the FMCIC or go to:  https://fmcic.wufoo.com/forms/foundational-courses-online-registration/)

Financial Hope Small Group Workshop : FACILITATOR TRAINING


This 4-Session Online Facilitator Training is designed to equip and train individuals on facilitating a Financial Hope Small Group.  

Small groups discuss the cultural pressures of debt and consumerism while learning biblical principles and practical tools to live within their means, get out of debt, save, determine a healthy lifestyle, set long-term goals and live generously.  By the end of the 5 weeks, participants will create a realistic budget using their own financial data.

Facilitators need not be financial experts.  Training, PowerPoint Presentation with videos, and Worksheets and Files are all provided.  Upon referral of your local pastor, facilitators will be given LOGIN access. 

To register for the Financial Hope Small Group Facilitator Training, please have your pastor contact: Sandy Crozier at sandy.crozier@fmcic.ca

Coût:  $150 (Renoncé) (5 semaines de cours en ligne + Ressources téléchargeables) 

Contactez le Département du Personnel pour vous inscrire à la prochaine session

Le but de ce cours fondamental sur l'Intendance est de vous éduquer et de vous inspirer sur l'intendance biblique.  Nous examinerons l'intendance biblique à la fois du point de vue personnel et du point de vue de la gestion de l'église.

À la fin du cours, l'étudiant:

  • aura obtenu une compréhension holistique de l'intendance basée sur des principes bibliques
    • aura compris les implications du contexte et de la culture dans leur relation avec l'intendance
    • aura compris ce que c'est de servir en temps qu'intendant leader
    • aura les outils pratiques nécessaires pour gérer les finances personnelles et celles de l'église
    • sera équipé pour enseigner et transférer les principes de l'intendance à sa congrégation
    • aura découvert comment créer et mettre en œuvre un ministère de l'intendance effective de son église
    • aura compris les dynamiques de l'intendance pour les jeunes adultes

Atelier Petit Groupe Espoir Financier - FACILITATEUR INSTRUCTION

Coût: GRATUIT (Connexion requise)

Doit avoir ÉMLC Pastor renvoi à inscrire à ce cours

Pour plus d'informations, ou pour programmer une formation animateur Petit Groupe Espoir Financier, vous pouvez contactez:
Sandy Crozier, Directrice du Développement de l'Intendance

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The Church is God’s chosen instrument for accomplishing Missio Dei (God’s Mission). This course is designed to introduce, integrate and practice tools for engagement with the cultures of our communities, and beyond. Fundamental to the use of these tools is the development of an understanding of culture and theology of mission that informs our engagement.